29 July 2011

I Could Get Used To This!

Today I had another occurrence of something that has been going on in my life for the past many months.  I've been having this strange thing happen where everything is kind of clicking in to place and working perfectly.  I would ordinarily feel like I am bragging about this, but I am REALLY not used to things going so well in my life.  Before, it would seem like every time I would get one step ahead I would immediately get knocked backwards three steps and I would NOT get to Pass Go and collect $200.  I would be a little nervous about writing about such good fortune in fear of jinxing myself, but I refuse to believe in the superstition.  The biggest item of chance that has happened in my life recently is the bringing together and reuniting of Levus and myself.  I will save that story for another day.

Most of the fortune has been blessings of saving *a lot* of many in some hidden and surprising ways.  Part of it has been due to Levus being in the military.  I had been stressing out about figuring out how to pay the high prices of car inspections and registration in Hawaii... until we went to register the car and come to find out active duty military doesn't have to pay a registration fee in the state of Hawaii.  Some of the fortune has come by way of family members helping us in ways we didn't expect.  I had been stressing about being able to purchase rings for our wedding, and lo and behold Mrs. Levus and my mom offer us some REALLY beautiful family heirlooms to use for our wedding rings.  Although we did have to have the rings all resized and some gold added to my engagement ring so it wouldn't snap in half one day, that was less than $200... a drop in the bucket in comparison to purchasing three brand new rings.  A couple other blessings from family members include my dad offering to use his air miles to fly me to Hawaii in July, and offering to do so again in September when I "permanently" return, as well as Mrs. Levus being a gifted and experienced wedding photographer and offering to shoot our wedding for us.  Both of those will save us thousands of dollars in the long run.  We also were so lucky to find a great condo in Waikiki that we are able to stay in at a discounted rate due to some serious number crunching by the owner.  Although we have a little debt to tackle and a lot of savings to catch up on, those tasks will be much less of a burden now after catching the big brakes we have caught in the last couple of months.

U-Haul actually caught us a big break today in the moving expense, and we ended up saving $60 towards the move this weekend to my moms.  Every little bit counts!  Let's hope that our "luck" continues and we can get caught up on our tasks as soon as possible.  It is also so great to know that we have such loving families to support and help us as a young couple!  Our families are such a great influence on both of our lives!  Here's to hoping I can find a good part time job at the island, and that we secure an on base home by or before the end of November

Are you superstitious?  Do you believe in luck?  Is there a time period in your life that you can remember things working out well for you?


  1. That's so great that everything is working out so wonderfully--and so, so sweet about the family rings! I definitely think that luck has a lot to do with events and circumstances, in combination with hard work or effort. But sometimes things go well, and sometimes they just don't, no matter how hard you work, ha!

  2. Isn't it the best when things like that just fall in place! I love that the ladies of the family gave you guys heirloom rings! I think that is more precious than even buying them. That's also awesome about the condo, I've always heard its expensive to find a place to live outside of base housing. I'm happy its all working out for you, and I hope the good luck just continues to shine your way :)