18 April 2012


...I haven't been keeping up with this blog AT ALL!  I'm going to try to keep up with this blog a little more for now on!

New News:
1.)  We have started planning our first trip off of Oahu (excluding our visit home in July) to BIG ISLAND for our one year anniversary!  We have also started planning three more trips in our remaining two years (yes, it has already been a year... wow how time flies!) here out in the middle of the Pacific.  Our trips include Maui, American Samoa and Palau!
2.)  Levus is currently on his first TDY (temporary duty assignment) to Okinawa!  He is gone for around two weeks and learning more about his job!  This is his first time out of the country and we are both VERY excited he is getting this opportunity!
3.)  Our household goods FINALLY arrived on the island in February!  We have enjoyed getting settled in to our home and getting unpacked.  We still have pictures to hang, but overall... we are officially home!

Last weekend Levus and I went hiking on 'Aiea Loop Trail inside of Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area.  This was a BEAUTIFUL hike that we are happy to add to our Hawaiian hike belt.  The trail was pretty muddy and slippery throughout, and we came out with muddy pants and shoes, but it was worth it!  The trail is also home to a crashed WWII B-24 bomber plane that we had the opportunity to find!

Trail Head!

View of H-3, one of the most expensive highway built in the USA!
Remnants of the crashed B-24 Liberator