09 January 2013


"Home" in the mainland for family stuff.  Not sure how long I will be here.  I miss my husbamd very much but we have been chatting bunches.

I had a fun 2 day trip over from Hawaii.  Got to spend some more time in the Sea-Tac Airport as well as at the San Jose Airport in California.  I arrived in KC and spent am awesome evening with my cousin and her beautiful daughter.

I have been making some visits to friends and family since I have been here.  I got the chance to hang out in Springfield for LONG New Years weekend.

Now I am in Des Moines spending time with family with lots of time in KC as well.

Levi gets promoted TODAY to his new rank!  I am very proud of my husband and all of his achievements in the last few years!

The last month has been pretty crazy; lots of family, lots of friends, and lots of trips to Branson and Barryville for errands.