07 December 2012

Flickr Is Up!

For those of you interested in looking at pictures of our life and time in Hawaii, check out my flickr page!  I have just about finished uploading all of my pictures from Maui, but keep checking back because I have a lot more pictures of our time this last year that I want to share.  I know that some of my friends and family are interested in the pictures but don't get the opportunity to see the stuff I upload on to Facebook.

My Flickr Page!

01 December 2012

Mele Kalikimaka!

We put up our Christmas tree this evening and took the annual "Binks Christmas Tree Portrait".  We tried to get in the mood by listening to traditional Christmas music and drinking eggnog.  I wore my reindeer antler headband.

Still working on getting pictures uploaded from Maui... when I get around to it.