31 July 2011

Moving 1.0

Today I completed my first move in the series of many moves that will be occuring in the unfortold amount of coming months.  I was so lucky to have the help from four other really wonderful people including my mom.  My mom is an amazing person and always does whatever she can to help me.  I know I don't do enough for her, but I hope she knows how much I love an appreciate her.  I know I don't tell her enough, either.  I will be staying with my mother until I move to Hawaii to begin my new journey and the 'next chapter' in my life.  While we were moving my mom and I tried to figure out how many times I have moved.  We came up with seventeen moves and seven states in my twenty four years of life.  Surprisingly to many I'm sure, I am not a military brat.  All of my moves have been in the midwest and in the central time zone, so this upcoming move to Hawaii is a pretty big change.  I also figured out last night that although I have moved a lot, I have only lived further than a one hour car drive away from my mom for about six months of my life.  Yikes!  Although I know that we both are strong women and can handle this change, I am still anxious about the fact that my mom isn't a short car ride away.  She has always been there for me and knows me inside and out.  I guess that is a job for Levus now, and I'd say so far I have full confidence he can handle the task.

Welp, on to bigger and better things now!  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I am out of my apartment.  Just a few short weeks till Hawaii, and lots of fun coming up between then!  Good bye world of "me" and hello world of "us"!

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