26 July 2011

Moving Blues

The air conditioning in my apartment finally got fixed.  I'm not one to keep the temperature in my apartment at 76 degrees when I have to pay the utility bill (I'm not made of money) but due to the heat wave and the fact that I had been living there without air for a while, I'm splurging for my last week there.  I've been really lonely these last few days packing up boxes alone in my apartment.  I'm not sure where this feeling of empty and lonely are coming from.

I did get a break from the lonely because I got to spend some time with my best friend being in town for the last few days!  My best friend, we'll call her Bug, is a very smart graduate student getting her masters in sociology.  She is one of the smartest most talented people I know, not to mention very creative and stylish.  She is a one in a million kind of girl.  I was so happy to get to spend some time with her!  I'm hoping she will be able to come to the wedding, but tickets to Hawaii are SO EXPENSIVE!

Also in big news: we've informed most of the family that we will be having parents at the wedding.  This is somewhat of a stressful and touchy subject for me.  I feel somewhat like I have lost control over my wedding.  I would much rather elope and just be married to my wonderful man, but I do understand that it is important to our family to share in our oh so joyous occasion.  Mrs. Levus and I are now working on the accommodation arrangements for everybody staying.  She found a two bedroom cabin on Fort Shafter with a kitchen.  The kitchen will come in handy for cooking meals to save money on eating out and doing some prep work for our reception meal!  The cabin is really inexpensive (as most accommodations are for military members in Hawaii ) and it will be able to hold both Levus' family and my mom and Bug if she can come so we can have the price split and save even more money!

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