15 August 2011

What I Learned Last Week

1) How to shoot these guns:

2) Back to school shopping is EXPENSIVE!  I don't know how my mom and dad let me get as much as they did when I was little.  I was so lucky to have the opportunities and upbringing I had.  Lucky in the sense that I had no real needs.  Unlucky because I was conditioned to think it necessary to live in a highly consumerist way.  BBBS gave us $50 to go back to school shopping.  Paige picked JC Penny because she doesn't get to shop there often.  We spent almost all of the money when we were there just on one pair of jeans, one shirt, and a package of sports bras!  I would have never expected that a pair of jeans in the kids section costs as much as they would in the adults size!

3) If you have bad tires, sooner or later you will need to replace them, whether you want to spend the money or not.  We got very lucky when someone left a beer bottle under the tire and we didn't get our tire slashed open then, but now they are so thin that a thorn from a tree branch has found its way into our tire.  We're going to have to spend the money to get new tires for the car.  Although I know we have the money, I was hoping we wouldn't have to spend the money until we have our BHA (Basic Housing Allowance) coming in so we would be able to pay our rent without a worry incase the military didn't get our pay rolling in right away.  Hopefully we will be able to replace the tires without dipping in to that savings!

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  1. Ugh...I know! Back to school shopping is soooo expensive! Maybe that's why my mom use to use layaway?!? But guess what.....my kids start school tomorrow and I'm so excited!

    I'm a new follower and fellow milspouse;)