03 October 2011

Free Smoker!

Something we have quick discovered about military installments is that when people PCS they dump stuff.  There are a few methods by which families that are PCSing get rid of things: giving stuff away to friends, giving stuff away to the Airman's Attic, or throwing the stuff out on the curb for either the scavengers to pick up or for the garbage man to haul off.  And boy to people like to throw stuff out.  One of Levus' shopmates found a brand new looking gas grill on the side of the road.  Although we thought this sounded to good to be true, last night we hit our own little personal jackpot.  I've always wanted a smoker rather than a grill because I'm in to smoked foods.  I love the rustic woody flavors, NOM!  While we were driving home from a great couponing trip at the NEX we spotted a Char-Broil brand grill/smoker!  Although the paint is peeling and the smoker could over all use some work, I am lucky enough to be marrying (in 5 days) a man who has the ability and knowledge to fix all of those things up on it.  The couple that I am staying with is being gracious to allow us to keep the smoker here until we have housing.  I'm SO excited to get cooking on our new smoker!  I see smoked fish, beer/soda can chicken, brisket, Kalua pork and chipotle peppers in my future!
In other news, the newspaper this weekend was filled with tons of awesome coupons.  We saved almost $15 (and only spent $32... so had about 30% savings off of already low military prices, and don't forget no sales tax!) on our bill last night at the NEX.  The NEX has some great coupon booklets and you're aloud to combine those coupons with the manufactures coupons from the newspaper (or the manufactures coupons from the other military stores).  I clipped last night after we went shopping.  I'm looking forward to being able to shop on my own at the Commissary and other AAFES stores so that I can find the deals and get the most bang for our buck with coupons.

We also went (and spent hours) at the un-airconditioned Pearl City Goodwill on Saturday.  We were originally planning on getting the Fiestaware plates at the AAFES because if one breaks you can easily replace it from wherever you are (either at another Exchange store or through Amazon).  I've always wanted mismatched retro plates, and the Goodwill had a good selection of floral retro dishes, so we ended up getting them from there.  Between the punch card $5 discount and the savings of buying things secondhand, we spent $45 for 11 large dinner plates, 11 small plates and 2 bowls (plus two retro pitchers, a globe for the guest room, an awesome floral trivet, three mini serving dishes, and leis for our family members when they arrive on Wednesday) rather than spending close to $150 for 4 three-piece place settings.  I also went on Friday to get some clothes for Levus and picked up two serving dishes, an awesome retro thermos as well as a $1 stainless steel coffee thermos for Levus to take to work every day.  I love finding things that we were planning on spending $20 on for just $1!

Metal Floral Trivet
2 of 4  of the designs: Floral Dinner Plates
the other 2 of 4 of the designs: Floral Dinner Plates
Floral Salad Sized Plates
Floral Bowls (still need more, only have 2 for 11 place settings)
Paisley-Like Serving Dishes (good for dips and mixed nuts etc)
Glass Pitchers with Green Tops
World Globe (for map/travel themed guest room)
1 of 2 serving dishes purchased on Friday
Vintage Thermos and Stainless Steel Travel Mug Thermos
It is just a few more days till the families start arriving!  The menu which was finalized is now changing again.  I can't decide what I want to do for a good fall salad to go with our meat and our baked beans.  We're also adding some kind of fall themed punch to put in our new pitchers.  I'm currently wondering what we're going to do with all of the food because I know it won't all fit into our cooler.  Hopefully if we can't fit it into the cooler we can hope for a quick ceremony.


  1. Love your beautiful new kitchen stuff and congrats on the awesome new smoker! I'll tell Jake to send over his special recipe for smoked ribs. :)

  2. I would love that! I'm not a rib person usually... but when cooked right, I am so a rib person! And if we have a smoker, we better be eating ribs!

  3. Goodwill is great (there's one in Wahiawa but the one in Pearl is better) but there's also Savers down in Waipahu on Farrington Hwy. I <3 Savers. I've found some incredible stuff there - most recently Ann Taylor jeans (which I love and adore because they fit me but cost $80+ in the store) for $10-$15 each. Dh has found cameras (NICE, expensive old cameras) and other stuff there for dirt cheap as well.

    I love your finds!!!

  4. Thanks! Is "Savers" a consignment shop or a warehouse/factory outlet type store like Burlington Coat Factory or TJ Maxx? I'm excited because we have access to the Airman's Attic... it is right next to the Hickam Thrift Store, but everything at the Airman's Attic is F-R-E-E!