21 November 2011

The Crash of 2011

So, my computer crashed.  I thought I had removed all of the virus from my computer, but come to find out I did not.  Also, according to the NEX computer hospital, my hard drive needs to be replaced.  When I tried to get on the computer Saturday night (yes, I didn't get on my computer all Saturday because we were doing stuff- be shocked) the mouse was stuck in the center of the screen.  Very irritating.  So, no pictures uploaded this weekend for my Photo365 project and no blog updates on my foods I've been making or pictures of our project!  We got SO MUCH done this weekend... we refurbished our TV stand from the Airman's Attic- which was a lot more involved than the dresser we did.

We also received our wedding pictures in the mail/  My mother-in-law took them (she is a really talented photographer) and they look amazing!  I plan on posting more of them when I have time, and I know a lot of family reads this- so keep checking for them.  I will also be mailing them out as soon as I get the chance, which may not be till closer to or after Christmas.  I'm going to be pretty busy in the coming weeks trying to get all the Christmas gifts out so they can make it to every ones house before Christmas as well as cooking and baking up a storm for the holiday season!

Here are a couple wedding picture teasers...


  1. Love the wedding pictures! Gorgeous!*

  2. LOVE the pictures, and don't you just love how technology fails when you want/need it the most?!