15 November 2012

Maui and Other Things

We ended up traveling to Maui rather than Big Island for our first in-state vacation.  What an amazing experience!  We decided not to make many plans till we got there.  We stayed in a hostel our first night there and camped in the National Park on the second night!  We saw the sunset and sunrise and Haleakala National Park, experienced the Road to Hana, relaxed on beautiful beaches, visited a diary goat farm and a lavender farm, and saw our first black and red sand beaches!  It was an amazing way to spend our first anniversary together.  I am working on getting an account set up and pictures uploaded to a flikr account because it is easier to share a large amount of pictures that way, rather than uploading them all on to the blog.

When we returned Levi had a week of work then was off for another two weeks, meaning he really didn't even work during the month of October.  Levi had surgery at Tripler to get part of his soft pallet and his uvula removed.  The surgery went well and he recovered well.  We did spend some time at the Emergency Room because he was bleeding... and wow.  The ER at Tripler (or probably anywhere) is not a place I want to be again.  The wait was insane.  I finished an entire book cover to cover.  Good for my reading, not so much my nerves.

Levi is back to work now and we are gearing up for the holiday season.  The weather here still confuses my seasonal clock, it is really hard to be excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas without the wonderful cool weather and the crisp air.  That just means more time to embrace the sun, beautiful climate, and sandy beaches year round!

I will post my Maui pics as I get the flikr set up!

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