101 in 1001

Begins: 15Sep11
Ends: 12June14

.: Hawaii Goals :.
1) Get stung by a jellyfish
2) Learn how to surf
3) Learn how to paddle board
4) Go hang gliding
5) Swim in a shark cage
6) Go deep sea fishing
7) Travel to all 7 of the other major Hawaiian islands
8) Go snorkeling
9) Go scuba diving
10) Hike all trails on the island of Oahu
11) Attend a surfing competition
12) Go to a luau
13) Go to a Chinese cemetery
14) Go to Punchbowl cemetery
15) Visit every military installment on Oahu
16) Visit Pearl Harbor memorial
17) Go to the Pro Bowl
18) Pick a coconut from the tree
19) Pick a pineapple from the bush
20) Purchase a local piece of art
21) Visit both Hawaiian National Parks
22) Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chinatown
23) Visit a museum in Hawaii
24) Go camping in Hawaii (completed 24 September 2011)
25) Skinny dip in the ocean at night
26) Go horseback riding in Hawaii
27) Go camping on a beach (completed 24 September 2011)
28) Canoe or boat to a tiny island off the shore of Oahu

.: Health and Fitness Goals :.
29) Complete and open water swim race
30) Complete a 5K race
31) Complete a biathalon
32) Get to my goal weight
33) Do a cleanse
34) Complete the Turkey Trot 10 mile run
35) Try out 5 new workout classes
36) Complete 50 push ups in a row

.: Susie Homemaker Goals :.
37) Sew and finish a quilt
38) Make sushi with fresh fish
39) Bake a multi-layer cake (completed 25 September 2011)
40) Make homemade pizza dough
41) Make one piece of clothing from scratch
42) Prepare and cook an full traditional Thanksgiving meal
43) Throw a Christmas holiday party
44) Refurbish brown coffee table
45) Refurbish pink chair
46) Complete a piece of art for the wall in our house
47) Make enough crafts to start an etsy shop... and start one!
48) Learn how to make 10 Hawaiian food dishes (1/10)
1) Kalua Pork

2) Hawaiian Mac Salad
49) Celebrate a homemade-crafts-only Christmas
50) Cook a dish native to a country on every continent
51) Pack a real picnic to eat at a park
52) Surprise Levus with a candle lit dinner
53) Learn to cut Levus' hair with a trimmer
54) Master a signature dish for parties and potlucks
55) Host a dinner party
56) Refurbish green couch
57) Makes homemade corned beef hash

.: Cultural Goals :.
58) Take an art class of some kind
59) Read 5 classics that I've never read
60) Read the Bible from cover to cover
61) Complete a level in a video game
62) Attend 3 classes through Joint Base
63) See AMC's Filmsites 100 Greatest Movies of all times
64) Do a Photo365 project (started 15 November 2011)
65) Attend 5 local fairs or festivals
66) Read 5 feminist/gender studies books
67) Participate in a zombie walk in full costume
68) See Rocky Horror Picture Show live
69) Go to a haunted house for Halloween
70) Attend a Christmas tree lighting
71) Pick and carve pumpkins
72) Purchase a live Christmas tree

.: Get Organized-Get Ahead Goals :.
73) Pay off all debts
74) Learn how to change the oil in our car
75) Learn how to change a tire
76) Learn CPR
77) Get my concealed carry weapons license
78) Develop all of the rolls of film I have taken
79) Organize my photo collection
80) Organize my iTunes collection
81) Save all coin change while in Hawaii to cash in before we leave (begun 15 September 2011)
82) Save up 6 months worth of salary
83) Organize all computer files and folders (1/2 folders organized 15 November 2011)

.: New Adventures :.
84) Visit Palau and swim with the jellyfish
85) Go to the Air Force Ball
86) Get a bikini wax
87) Sing karaoke (completed 17 September 2011)
88) Get a tattoo

.: Goals for Betterment :.
89) Volunteer with ANIA IS
90) Volunteer with a program that promotes literacy
91) Volunteer with a program that provides food for the hungry
92) Transition our house in to using only energy efficient light bulbs
93) Participate in one charitable fundraiser
94) Donate one gallon of blood (2/8)
95) Donate my hair to Locks of Love

.: Blog Goals :.
96) Grow blog by 10 subscribers
97) Host a giveaway

.: Miscellaneous Goals :.
98) Hang our hammock and lay in it
99) Make a kite... and fly it!
100) Learn to play chess
101) Climb a tree