26 June 2011

Wedding Bands

Yesterday was such a great day!  I got a jump on moving, spoke with Mrs. Levus, and a great lunch with the future Mrs. Alicia Teague, and drove down to the lake to spend some time with mom and work on moving.  Mom took the boat and I took the jetski, and we went out to Sweetwater Creek to tie up with Ranger Bubba and his family.  His son Jason is visiting from Washington D.C.  It was especially nice to speak with Jasons wife, as she grew up on Oahu and told me about her experiences with the island (and jellyfish!).  The lake is still WAY up right now and we have to take a boat to even get out to the dock.

our dock... only reachable with a boat or a swim
Mrs. Levus offered two family heirloom wedding bands to us to use for our wedding bands!  They are very nice gold wedding bands that have been in the family for quite some time.  I feel so honored that we have been given the opportunity to use them!  Levus' band is his great-grandpa's band, and my band is his great-grandma's.  I am really looking forward to spending time with the Levus family and getting to know more about the original owners of our wedding bands!

our future wedding bands

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