23 June 2011

Food With a View

I *think* I have decided between two places for us to all eat after the wedding ceremony.  We will be very pressed for money during wedding (and moving) time, so the cost played a big part in deciding where we went after.  I wanted somewhere with live music, a good view, and a casual atmosphere.  I have spoken with people from the staff of both restaurants and am working on getting us a nice spot in the restaurant and getting some flowers on the table as well just to kind of hint a reminder of the wedding and ceremony.  I have decided between LuLus Waikiki and Tiki's Grill & Bar.  Both appear to have live music on Saturdays and a good view.  I am leaning towards LuLu's for the prices on the menu.

LuLus Waikiki

View at LuLus Waikiki

Tiki's Grill & Bar

View at Tiki's Grill & Bar

Paige (my little sister from BBBS) and I went to Fassnight Park today to swim at the pool!  The coolest part of the pool (in my opinion) is that they close the pool to all kids for ten minutes every hour on the hour but leave it open for adults.  There is a diving board and a water slide, and about a million kids there... so it was fun to get to skip to the front of the line to go down the water slide!  I didn't have much to do in the pool without Paige swimming and playing with me... but skipping to the front of the line for the water slide is pretty awesome!

Fassnight Park pool and water slide
Paige and me at the pool
using the foil wrapper from her pretzel as a spoon to enjoy her leftover cheese

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