22 June 2011

Midwestern Reminder

I'm not the kind of girl that dreamed about getting married; the white dress, the flowers, the cake... but when we decided we were getting married in Hawaii, I knew I wanted one thing: sunflowers.  I'm not big on flowers, but I knew I wanted to have a 'unique' Hawaiian wedding in the sense that I wanted to have non-traditional Hawaiian flowers at my wedding.  Sunflowers remind me of the midwest, my grandmother, and my aunt.  Being a midwest girl, I wanted to bring some of the midwest in to my very non-midwest wedding.  I was a little bit concerned however, about getting sunflowers out in Oahu.  Both cost and availability are issues with the island.  When I spoke with one of the possible wedding companies we are going through on the phone last night, I asked the man if they had sunflowers out there on the island.  He wasn't sure, which concerned me a little.  I had heard about a sunflower field out on North Shore, but I wasn't sure of the availability of the flowers in the shops throughout the island.  After speaking with the gentleman with the wedding company, I called around to a few florists, and SCORE: they all offer sunflowers and at a relatively affordable price, about $3 a stem!  One gentleman said that the farm is having "some problems" right now, so I am hoping they get those "problems" straightened out before October!  I'm planning on purchasing around five to fifteen stems (depending on size) and fashioning my own little bouquet.  I'm not yet sure if I want to throw in some filler greenery or such with that, or just the flowers.  But I have plenty of time to look and decide.

I really like the "country" feel of these bouquets.

Planning on using hemp rope around the stems like with these bouquets.
The hippie look suits me.

I really like the size of this bouquet, not too big and very simple.

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