24 July 2011

Back To Life

Let me tell you, coming home to Heatwave 2011 was the best experience ever.  Not only was there a heatwave going on, but my air conditioning was out at my apartment.  The temperature was actually cooler outside in the 100 degree shade than it was in my apartment.  I was barely able to sleep on the plane, and I was barely able to sleep the night before I left.  Between lack of sleep, coming down with a cold, coming off of a sunburn, missing Levus A LOT, and the overwhelming heat... I was a HAPPY CAMPER.  We decided the best thing (and really only option) was for me to come back with my mom to her house and stay the night until my air conditioner was working again.  Trying to get the air conditioner fixed (as I had been doing since Monday) was a pain, partially because my apartment complex didn't seem to care that my apartment was 105 degrees inside and partially because the man that was supposed to fix it was working on fixing everybody ones overextended air conditioners in our county and many counties over.

On the way to my moms house from Springfield we got to stop at Murphy Orchard to pick up some fruit.  Murphy Orchard harvests peaches in the summer months and then apples in the fall.  They also make really good apple cider that they turn in to a slushy.  The slushy was really good and very thirst quenching on the hot day.
Yummy yummy Apple Cider Slushy from Murphy Orchard
My mom and her best friend that is visiting out of town picked up some yummy peaches.  They had a woman there that was cutting different types of peaches for people to try and decide which was their favorite.

I fell asleep trying to stay up to talk to Levus, but he doesn't get off of work till 16:00 (4PM) Hawaii time, which is 21:00 (9PM) in the midwest.  When he finally did call I was so tired and out of it I could only blab that I missed him and I was tired and a few other things I can't remember.  Life is finally back to normal... for now.  I have to be out of my apartment and moved down to the lake (my moms house) by Sunday.  Although I have moved at least once a year and every year for the past six years, this move is the biggest and is taking the most out of me and really getting to my head.  A few years ago when my parents got divorced and my dad got remarried he boxed and moved everything of mine (baby clothes that my parents were saving all the way up to the half used shampoos and contents of my bathroom) to my moms basement here in Missouri.  I've been putting off going through it for the last few years because it makes me angry and hurts my heart.  When I did start going through it I've found many things that I had forgotten about, things that I thought at the time I could never part with.  I'm trying to combine the past and present as well as get rid of as much as possible.  I have enough clothing to clothe a small nation of women.  I told Levus that he was going to have to get rid of all of his clothing to make room for mine, and hopefully the USAF doesn't mind having a naked airman coming to work everyday.  I've gotten to the point in my apartment that I am ready to part with everything and toss it or give it to the Disabled American Veterans thrift store.  Things are just things, and it will be a lot easier to move every few years for the rest of our younger life if I don't have thousands of pounds of crap to move with us.  I am happy and reassured knowing this will be the last time I ever move without the help of my wonderful husband.  He said if we moved in the middle of living somewhere he might be deployed and I may have to move on my own, but I told him THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  We can only hope that it doesn't.


  1. Apple Cider slushy? Haven't heard of that one...but I made an anise lemon slush with the juice of a lemon, splenda, anise seeds, and a little vanilla. Although it is 50 here in Germany!

  2. Yum! I like to make mock orange julius slushies with orange juice, ice and a little vanilla. Much healthier (and more fruity) than the real thing!