18 July 2011


And... Levus surprised me!  I always give Levus a hard time because whenever he tries to surprise me, I'm always a step ahead.  That being said, he usually figures out my surprises also.  We seem to be on the same wavelength most of the time.  This time he did a REALLY swell job of tricking me.  All of our rings are family heirlooms, and because of this we had to get all three of them re-sized.  My engagement ring was my grandmas ring to when she was married to my mothers father.  Because it is more than fifty years old, the gold on the band was also very thin so not only did it have to get re-sized, it also had to get gold added to the band so it wouldn't break apart.  We took the rings in the Friday after I got her.  They told us they should be done on the 15th, but when we didn't get a call I got worried.  Apparently they called Levus on Saturday morning.  He wanted to surprise me so instead of telling me they called, he called his sister and had her call him back and pretend to be the jeweler saying that our rings wouldn't be done till 3PM on Monday (today).  He acted really sad and kept apologizing to me even though I wasn't upset.  In my mind, as long as we got the ring before I left, we were okay.

We went to lunch, then to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet then started driving up Highway Route 83.  We stopped at a really beautiful beach off of the highway and laid on the shore.  The shore there made a ledge where the sand and ocean met the green grass of the park that is currently held to the island by only the palm tree roots.  We both were laying face down on the grass and looking over the side, when he said "Oh my gosh, look what I found!" and held up a ring.  Because our rings were the furthest thing from my mind, I assumed he found some kind of ring or fake ring in the sand, but then I recognized the ring.  I think my first reaction was "shut up" because I was so surprised that he surprised me!  He got down (or up from his laying position) and got on both knees and I sat up and started crying a little and he asked me to marry him.  He tells me every day that it was the best day ever, and every Saturday he tells me that that Saturday was the best Saturday ever because he is with me.  I can now say that I have had some awesome Saturdays... but it was by far the best one ever and the most memorable.  I'm so lucky to have the best man as my future husband!


  1. Holy MOly! my first time here, and Bam! It is a big one. Congrats!
    Here's to all the Saturdays, best-est and not so best-est...that you will choose each other again and again