19 July 2011

So a duck walks in to a bar...

Really.  Last night we were at a restaurant (seated in the bar section) and a duck walked right in to the bar.  The waitress didn't seem to mind.  It seemed like a common occurrence.  My phone was dead, and Levus tried to take a picture, but he turned around and walked out when the waitress walked towards him to take a drink to a table.

McDonald's special Hawaiian Breakfast
On the top: SPAM, white rice and eggs
On the bottom: Portuguese Sausage, white rice and eggs
Although Hawaii is part of the United States, the culture is much different than that in the mainland.  And part of the difference is the food here!  Much of the food is influenced by 1) What the island has access to, 2) What grows on the island, and 3) Asian and native culture.  It is easy to find any kind of Asian food you could want on the island: Korean, Japanese, Thai and Chinese are very common in every shopping center and food stand.  Potted meat (think SPAM, tuna, and my personal favorite corned beef hash), macaroni salad, pork products and fresh coconut and other tropical fruits like pineapple are also very common.  The McDonalds even serves special local food (just like you can get "McWings" in China, "Vegetable McCurry" in beef sensitive India, and the Kosher "McShawarma" in Israel) for breakfast.  Even though we both haven't been doing much PT in these last couple of weeks, we HAVE been sampling lots of the local cuisine and hitting some of the best local eateries.  I'm so lucky to have met a man that trust me enough to try new foods I suggest as well as a man that loves to try new things and experience as much as possible.

On top: Burrito plate with fries and mac salad
On bottom: Cheeseburger with mac salad
Koa Pancake House
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Chicken Katsu with mac salad and Kalua Pork with cabbage

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