06 July 2011

Happy Birthday Harriet!

Grandma Harriet and her crew
(((disclaimer: this picture is six years old)))

Today is my Grandma Harriets 77th birthday!  The picture is old, but to date my grandma has three children, six grand children, and four great grand children!  My grandmother and mother are the two most inspiring women in my life.  Although she doesn't have a high school diploma or a college degree, she is one of the smartest women I know.  She has more life experience than anybody and has used her life experience to raise a beautiful, smart, strong, amazing family.   Although we occasionally give her trouble, everybody in the family looks up to her as a great mother, grandmother and great-grandmother!

I am set to leave for Hawaii TOMORROW, and I am so excited!  But I am going down with the illness.  I'm not sure yet what the illness is, but I am coming down with it.  My throat is bothering me and I have been having stomach problems.  I've gone through a bottle of Pepto in the last week which I am/was assuming was stress due to family weekend/life changes/getting things together/etc, but now that I'm getting sick elsewhere I really have no idea.  I would go to the doctor, but alas, not insurance card received in the mail yet although I am supposedly insured.

Flying with American Airlines on the same flight that Levus flew from Dallas to Honolulu.  I'm so thrilled to go through Dallas instead of somewhere on the west coast so that I may spend an extra few hours couped on on the plane.  (Yes, I fluently speak the language of Sarcasm.)  Levus said that in coach class on American there is no meal service for the short eight hour flight, there is only food you may purchase from the airlines at a bloated cost, so I'm going to head to the store today and pack some cheese cubes, apples and jerky for my trip.  I want to try to stay away from the salt for obvious reasons (if you fly, you know), but in order to pack food that won't spoil and will get through security my options are somewhat limited.  I know I shouldn't complain about the food service or the long flight or the being ill, because in less than twenty four hours I will be on my way to see my Airman, but sometimes I can be a bit of a Nancy.

By the way, still at moms.  Need to go back to Springfield to my un-airconditioned apartment to shower and finish packing.  The lake is so nice, and I am in avoidance of the stress and work that must me done at home in order to get myself to the next (temporary) step in my life.  Wish me luck with dealing with my tasks and the motivation to take care of what needs to be done in the months ahead!

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