12 July 2011

Welcome to Hawaii!

I arrived in one piece in Hawaii on Thursday around 13:00 Hawaii time!  It was SO AMAZING to see Levus!  One of the first things we did was tour the base and go to the beach.  I had shaved my legs the day before, and wow.  I had forgotten how much the salt water makes you burn, especially if you are recently shaved.  The water here is much colder than I thought it would be because the air is so warm here, but I guess we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean... so much water that it is probably impossible for the warm sun rays to heat it all.

We've done and seen a lot, but right now I am less compelled to stay inside and write a blog, and more interested in going outside and enjoying the air.  Heard it was about 101 degrees back in Missouri.  Although it is hot here, I have barely broken a sweat since I've been here thanks to the lovely island breeze.  Honolulu and Hickam AFB are both beautiful.  I'm so ecstatic to have the opportunity for us to call this place home!  A few years of this shouldn't be too hard to handle, although I am already missing the Buffalo River and Table Rock Lake.  I guess the lush botanical gardens and the swimming with giant sea turtles on the sandy beach will have to make up for it.

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