16 October 2011

I Love Hawaii!

Sometimes during the day I choose to forget how much I love Hawaii.  That's so dumb.  Hawaii is awesome and I need to appreciate it.  Nowhere is going to be like "home", and to face the truth... "home" wasn't always that great either.  These are just some of the reasons I love Hawaii, summed up in photo form:

Hawaii is an island... almost anywhere you look has a view similar to this.
The skies tend to be pretty gorgeous too...
My silly husband is here!
Rainbows pop up randomly.  On an almost daily basis.  Rainbows are cool.
Exotic fruit.  You can find it (and pick it, not sure if that is legal) almost anywhere.
For instance this Star Fruit was just growing in someones yard on a tree in downtown Honolulu.

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