16 October 2011

Jellyfish for Christmas!

Christmas is a mere two months away.  While I FEEL like that is a long time away, the days have been really flying by lately it seems.  As many of you may know about me (or may have gathered from reading my blog), I LOVE JELLYFISH.  Because of the location we live in, jellyfish "stuff" is a lot more common around here.  We have acquired two pieces of jellyfish memorabilia lately... both in the forms of Christmas ornaments!  I'm very excited about getting a tree to put these on.  I'm even thinking of using my fake tree and making a tree entirely devoted to jellyfish.  My mom has a "white tree" with entirely white ornaments, and people make themed trees all the time, so I don't feel like a jellyfish themed Christmas tree is too crazy. What are your opinions on this?

Angry Jellyfish with Wiggly Tentacles!
Green (my favorite color) Glass Jellyfish with Icicle Tentacles!  

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