03 November 2011

Our First Christmas!

Now that Halloween is over, and our busy hectic life is slowing down (kind of maybe?), I'm starting to get excited about Christmas!  Although we more than likely won't have our "things" here, including our Christmas decorations and ornaments, I am excited about the gifts that we're getting for our family and decorating our currently empty home!  I also found a PERFECT gift for Levus that he is going to L-O-V-E and I am already bursting at the seams to give it to him!  We were originally talking about going to stay at Bellows or another little military retreat area on the island, but I'm thinking that might not be in the cards anymore. 

Which leads me to other news.  We found out that FOR SURE we will only be able to ship 2,500lbs from the mainland to the island.  Each additional pound is somewhere in the neighborhood of $1-$1.50 per pound.  I wish I had some kind of idea of how much our things really weighed so I could figure out exactly how much of the furniture we have that we can send.  Right now my first order of business is to find a couch on Craigslist.  I don't want to spend too much, but I do want a "nice" set.  Furniture here seems to fly fast, so I will probably have to spend a good part of the next couple of days with my eyes peeled.  Luckily someone from my husbands shop has a truck that they are really kind enough to let us borrow frequently!  Although we have access to the Airman's Attic, since we will be living with this furniture for until we someday decide to buy better furniture, I would like to be picky about what we get.  We have been surviving for the last few weeks with just camping chairs in our living room and a bed upstairs, so if we have to fill our house piece by piece with furniture I don't mind.  The main concern with Levus is a couch so we can lounge when we watch movies together in the living room.

Are you getting excited about Christmas yet?  Do you have any special plans for the holiday this year?  What special gift do you have planned for a loved one?

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  1. =( Sorry you won't have your stuff!! I hate waiting on HHG to come from overseas!

    Heck yes I am excited for Christmas! I have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate... can't come soon enough!!